Sunday, March 6, 2011

This week

Well, I missed 2 days this last week due to the crazy life of a mother of 4.  Lets just say it involved lots of poop and TONS of cleaning. This week I hope is MUCH better. I plan on getting out every day and getting my runs done early and if I can't get it done early I'll do it during nap time, but I promise you I will get them done no matter what. 
This week I'm also going to start tracking my food again with WW. I'm to cheap to pay for the membership while Jason's still doing it so, I'm going to use all my old trackers and stuff from when I was doing it a year ago (I'm sticking to the old plan, not their new plan.). I need to do better cause let me tell ya a whole day (Wednesday of last week) of just eating homemade chocolate chip cookies isn't going to cut it (as much as I'd love it to). Here's to more veggies and fruits! Yum!

Well, this week I'm upping my running time which I'm excited about. Here's the plan:

Monday: 40 Minutes (25 R/15 W)
Tuesday: 30 Minutes R1
Wednesday: 45 min (30 R/15 W)
Thursday: 30 min R2
Friday: 20 min
Saturday: 55 min (35 R/20 W)
Sunday: OFF 

I think it's totally doable. I just need to take it one day at a time and make sure I make it a priority. 
In other news you wanna know what I did today?? I registered for a race. You wanna know which one? The Utah Valley HALF MARATHON!  

It'll be my first half this year. It's 13 weeks and 5 days away. I think I can do it....No, I KNOW I can do it. I was going to sign up for the 5k, but after doing the full marathon last year there's no way I could do the 5k, I had to do more than that. It was so much fun being with all the great people running the full. Plus, my mom did the half last year and I know she had a great time. 

The best part about registering for it...I totally got the butterflies in my tummy. I love that feeling when you're signing up for a race. :) Exciting!!!

I hope everyone has a GREAT week!!


Suzy said...

Yay! Signing up for races is the best! Enjoy the training. And YES, you can do it!

Amy said...

13 weeks! Dude you're brave!!! :D You'll rock it.

Also, if you're looking for a totally awesome FREE digital food tracker, I use and I love it. It has a bunch of basic foods, but you can also add any recipe or menu that you want. And it gives you reports of which nutrients you're low on. I've also heard great things about for food tracking. So if you're lookin' for free.... :D

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Good luck in your half, I think it's the best distance!