Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I hate you wind!

The kids were begging to go outside and I still needed to get my run in so, I bundled up the two little ones in the stroller while the older two got their bikes ready. We step out the door and BAM! We're hit by wind. Tons of wind. Wind that kept trying to blow Caleb off his bike. We couldn't go back inside, everyone was ready and that's NOT an easy task. 

So, we started along. Brianna's biking ahead of everyone while Caleb bikes as slow as humanly possible. I'm trying to walk at a pace that's somewhere in between the two. Caleb's starts fussing within 5 minutes of leaving the house. He doesn't want me to walk faster than him.

Well, we get to the part where you have to go up hill to cross a bridge and the fussing gets worse and so does the wind. Caleb's hat blows off, Brianna's way ahead of everyone, and the stroller with the two little ones is going to blow over if I let go. Sooooo..... I get Brianna to come back and sit on the front of the stroller (which has it's break on) and go running after Caleb's hat. 

I get his hat, Brianna rides off again, and Caleb's refusing to get on his bike again because the mean old wind is going to blow him and his bike away. So, I push the stroller and the bike up the hill and make the decision that we are going to leave the bikes at the top of the hill while we finish our walk. (The walk/run/whatever is only 35 minutes, mind you, but it feels like a LIFETIME!)

Brianna and Caleb run ahead. That's great, until the wind starts gushing again. When will we ever start going with the wind rather than against it is what I kept wondering. Caleb starts fussing because his legs were tired (we're 10 minutes into it for heaven's sake!) and Brianna follows along with his thinking. I need to start running so I have them get on the stroller so I don't have to listen to them whine anymore. 4 kids + 26 mph winds + 1 stroller + hills = one frustrated mom. 

So, I'm trudging along pushing the stroller when FINALLY the wind is helping me. I jog along and turn the corner and we're back facing the wind. Brianna makes the comment, "Mom, you're breathing is scary." I ask her why and she says, "Because it sounds like your going to die." Hahaha! Yeah, it's not easy to push all of you in this stroller with the wind. 

After about 5 more minutes of that, I tell both kids to get off, I can't push them anymore, they're way too heavy and the wind is nuts. So, they run along. Brianna does awesome and runs without complaint. Caleb on the other hand.... ugh. He whines and whines and whines while holding onto the stroller making it a MILLION times harder to push. So, I have him get back on it just to make it a LITTLE easier. We round the corner and we're coming to the part where we're under the bridge.

I tell Caleb to get off and we take a little break. The kids start throwing rocks and I start texting my brother about how mad I was. This was the worst run ever! After about 10 minutes we get back to the top of the hill where the bikes were and go back home. Well, not even 2 minutes after getting the bikes Caleb REFUSES to get on or push his bike sooooo I put the bike and him on the stroller and push it all the way back home. By now all 4 kids are fussing. Brianna's cold, Caleb's legs are tired, Annabelle's following along with the other two, and Rosalie is hungry.

We walk in the door, the kids are cranky and I want to binge on all the sweets in the house because I'm so frustrated with the run/walk/whatever it was. Plus, I wasn't feeling 100% before the run and if I wasn't sick then, then I am sure I will be now. I should have just waited until the kids were in bed and ran around the living room. 

Worst run EVER! I just hope Wednesday's run is a million times better. I wish I could take them to the fitness center's daycare for an hour, but it costs WAY to much for 4 kids. Oh well, that's life right?

Here's to better days!!

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Amy said...

Ugh BRUTAL!!!! I'm so so sorry, I wish I lived next door and the kiddos could come play with me while you run. :D

Also, you are hard core for doing it anyway! That is HARD.