Friday, September 3, 2010

5 miles cause I am worth it.

Today I got up and walked/ran 5.36 miles around the lake. Let me tell ya, I can't wait until it gets cooler just so all the stinkin' gnats leave the trails alone around the lake. I swear I swallowed a good amount of those little suckers. It's hard to avoid them when you run with your mouth open.

Today was the perfect day for a run, besides those littlle suckers. The weather was awesome! It was cool, but not too cool and the sun was just rising over the mountain.

I felt pretty good during my walk/run. I wanted to run the full thing, but I still haven't bought any supports for my arches and I didn't want to push myself today and then not be able to run my 10k tomorrow. So, I listened and walked when I needed to walk and ran when I could run. Is it just me or what, whenever I run over that bridge it feels like the whole thing is bouncing like a trampoline. It's the weirdest thing. Oh, the other thing I noticed during today's run/walk was that when I walked my hands would swell, but when I ran it went away. Weird...
Why hello, belly... I woke up this morning and was like, "Whoa! This is a pregnant belly." It's like it grew over night and is sticking out in all it's glory now. I felt some bouncing while I ran so I think I need to break down and buy one of those support belts before the half marathon this month.

Oooh, and look what I got in the mail today!
The awesome people over at sent me a couple towels to try out and review. Let me tell ya, they are some nice towels! You know how sometimes you get towels and they are rough  feeling and really uncomfortable, well, these babies are soft and comfy. Little Miss loves them too. When I opened the package she snagged one of them and ran off with it and wouldn't give it back. She's all about things with a soft texture so, when she takes it and won't give it back, it's gotta be good. :)

 You better believe I'm packing the "Breathe" one in my hospital bag for when I deliver. This momma's going all natural so, I'm going to need something to mop up the sweat. It's so perfect for the stage I'm in right now in life too. A momma of 3 soon to be 4 needs to remember to breathe love, peace, and life.

They're a great company celebrating their 1st birthday. There's some great deals going on right now and I'm telling ya, get them while you can cause they are awesome.
I was waiting forever for it to come. It wasn't Inperspire's fault it took for ever, there's a funny story behind what made me wait patiently for my darling towels to arrive. My MIL and BIL were living with us and moved out about 4 weeks ago. Well, when they moved they filled out a change of address form. Rather than fill it out as an individual for her and him, they filled it out for the WHOLE family. So anyone who lives in the house with their last name wouldn't get any mail sent to the house in Utah, but would have it all sent to their new house in Texas. Yeah...finally after 3 weeks of talking to the post office and thinking things were figured out, Jay went in talked to a manager and got everything straightened out. I'm finally getting mail sent to our house and not theirs. The joy's of family. :)

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!


Christina said...

Your belly looks cute. :) When are you due?

Good job on the 5 miles and listening to your body. Have a good long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great job on those miles!! :) I'm going to have to check out those towels, they look nice

misszippy said...

Sounds like you and pregnancy are a great pair!

Cynthia O'H said...

I hate gnats but I love Inperspire towels. Funny, my little guy ran off with mine when it came in the mail too!

Christina said...

And ... You are It! Check out the Cherry on Top award at my blog.

Running Diva Mom said...

i love my inperspire towel, too!

I have been inhaling way too many bugs lately too -- yuck!

Runnign with that baby belly is awesome -- you're doing something great for both of you. Keep it up!

that bridge looks way cool! love it!

runningwithababyonboard said...

your belly is just perfectly adorable. i'm totally jealous! i never had that stage. i went straight from not looking pregnant to looking gargantuan. :)

Anne said...

You're looking great! My asthma and I love the Breath towel :)

Whitney said...

Natural, huh? I've been kicking around the idea... but it freaks me out because I'm such a wuss when it comes to pain. :)