Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why, Hello Motivation...I've missed you! :)

First, I have to say thank you to Janine over at http://www.jogginmomma.blogspot.com/ for the email. It's just what I needed. Really, it was. It made me look back and see where I've come and it reminded me of where I want to go. It also reminded me that there are people out here reading this blog and I may say something someday that will give someone the boost they need to get started on their goals and that makes it all worth it.

Thank you, Janine for giving me that boost today. :)

 I've been wanting to give up running and just "be pregnant", but I know that's not good for me. I know that when I'm pregnant and I don't watch what I eat and keep moving I gain too much weight and it's painful in the last couple months. Why would I do that to myself if I know that it's not good?

So, that's why today I am changing. I am going back to how I was at the beginning of this year.

At the beginning of the year I'd get out and run everyday and I watched what I ate. I put my health first! This time it's a little different because it's not only my health that I need to put first, but my baby's as well.

Before I got pregnant I was doing Weight Watchers. I LOVE WW! The best part about it is, you can eat what you want (in moderation) and there's no cutting carbs, or over eating on protein, or any of that crap. It teaches you how to eat right. My wonderful man joined WW today. I'm so proud of him for putting his health first. To be a supportive wife, I'm going to follow the plan with him (with a couple exceptions, I'm not trying to lose weight. I'm trying to track my food, so I can eat healthy  and get the food I need.) It's just what I need. I love eating healthy, but it's not easy to do when you have to make a different meal for yourself. Jay's lucky, he's got a high metabolism so he can eat whatever he wants and gradually gain a pound or two over the years. I only have that when I'm running like crazy. Tomorrow is day 1 on Jay's WW journey. He's going to do great!

Today after Janine's email I said "I need to get out and move!" I did 1.5 miles walking with Jay and the kids, but that wasn't enough. Rather than sit on the couch and watch TV I thought I'd go down to the basement and do the elliptical.  
Our poor little elliptical...we've had her for a year or more now and we've used it maybe 3 times total. I thought I'd show here some love and give her some exercise every day. Today I only did 15 minutes at a level 4 (the kids weren't going to sleep like they were supposed to, so I had to cut it short), but hey, 15 is better than none. Tomorrow I'll walk 2 miles and do 30 min on the elliptical.
 I've gotta get back in shape. I'm starting to get more body weight than baby weight and I've gotta be careful. Gaining weight is a very slippery slope. I know...I know...you're pregnant...you're not supposed to be all worried about your weight. I don't want to lose weight! I want to eat healthy and I want to move and be HEALTHY!

My reward for exercising is watching the Biggest Loser...

Ok, so I know The Biggest Loser is getting old and it's one of those things where either you love it or you hate it, but with me there's always one person that I connect with and makes me want to watch. This season it's the chick from Utah. Yeah, I know...Utah...it's cause I'm in Utah, right? No, I think the thing that made me connect with her was when she was running the mile and her girls were behind her running along with her and she was so proud of herself and she could see her children being proud of her as well.

 It's such an awesome thing when you can see the pride in your children's eyes. That's why I LOVE to race. I love crossing the line and seeing my kids so excited for me. I love running because I love reaching these new goals and showing my kids and family that it's possible and they can do it too.

You can do anything you put your mind to!


Liz said...

Good for Jay! He'll do awesome with such an amazing support like you in his life. I also really like the WW program. I did it after my first... really need to get back into it, I'd be much more successful in weight loss from my running if I balanced it out with a good healthy diet. Oh well... I'm getting there.

Way to jump back into it. You're amazing. Keep it up girlie.

PS-You're one of the reasons that I got back into running. Way to be inspiring!

Joggin' Momma said...

Glad I could help, in the same way you have motivated me! :)

Amy said...

:) Ohhh happy day! Thank you for posting this.