Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Golf ball...niiice!

Oooh, thank you gals for suggesting rolling my feet on a golf feels SOOO good. All day today my poor feet kept cramping up. It hurt! But, rolling it makes it feel so much better.

Good news, even though I didn't run 5 miles today I walked back and forth to Bee's school 3 times! :) It's a 5 min walk each way. Not bad. I also got 75% of the house cleaned and 85% of the laundry done and put away. :) I just pray I have some kind of endurance when this half comes. I wish I had someone to run/walk it with.


H Love said...

hang in there!

Whitney said...

I wish that I could be doing it with you!

Anonymous said...

Did I suggest that? That is my best trick in the book :)