Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great for your body and your wallet

Jay and I took Bee and Litte Miss down to Hobby Lobby today. It's a little past Harmons (that's where we went last week). He was determined to go the full 5 miles with me so we thought it would be fun to go to Hobby Lobby and look at all the seasonal stuff they have out. (If you ever want a Christmas fix before the season comes go to Hobby Lobby. They have rows and rows of stuff out already.)

We walked down and started browsing. Oooh...not a good idea if you're into decorating for the holidays. Halloween, Fall, Christmas...loads of stuff! We started finding stuff we wanted, but then thought, "Oh, crap...we walked down here. We've only gone 1.85 miles and still have a ways to go." There was no way we were going to carry stuff for the rest of the 5 miles. So, rather than haul a ton of stuff we "wanted" we said no and finished our miles.

That's the great thing about walking to the store, you don't buy things you don't need. :) It saves you lots of money. Oh, and another good thing about the BOB Daullie when it comes to shopping, the basket's so little you can't fit much, but the essentials in it.

We walked and walked and walked and got home just in time to get Mr. Man off the bus. I felt good besides a little tiny ache in my pelvic muscles and my stinkin' arch in my left foot. I really need to put an insert in my shoe or something. Jay's nice and sore. He's not used to going that far. I love him for helping/supporting me. He's a great man. :)

Me  and Bee after our walk. She's such a good kid. She'll run, pick flowers, skip, and play along the way while we push the stroller down to the store. They are loving our weekly walks to the stores. :)


gmontalvo13 said...

i love hobby lobby!

great pic!

Anne said...

What a beautiful picture! Sounds like great memories are being made on those walks :)

Whitney said...

So... obviously you guys live up in Daybreak? Fun! Daybreak Lake is one of my favorite routes - I'm on 106 and 40th west, so I run up to the lake and then back. Love the area that we live in!

Anonymous said...

mini me!