Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Years Revolution Run

I got up and headed out to the Olympic Oval to run the Revolution Run. This race is pretty different from any race I've ever done. This one was inside on a track! Your bib had a chip on it, so every time you passed through the start your lap would be counted. I had my nike+ going at the same time since I figured I'd lose count after some time. This was a really easy going run. I took my time and ran around and around and around for 48 laps which equaled a half marathon. I think if I had to rank ways to run the treadmill would be the worst, then the track would be alright, and then outside would be the best.  I like outside cause mentally its SO much easier than the treadmill. The track was nice cause the laps went fast, but the thing that's hard to judge is if your running on the outside lanes vs the inside lanes. If you're on the outside then you go farther per lap than those on the inside. 

Anyway... it was a good race. They had really yummy Swedish fish at their aid station, so that was a plus! I tried to meet some people, but I think I'm a little too quiet at first... Oh well. Would I do this race again? Probably not. If it's the only January race I'd do it again, but I wasn't a HUGE fan. 
 I thought this sign was funny. I wouldn't want to get run over by a zamboni. :)
 My finished time! Yay!! I felt great! I was glad it was over though, cause my legs were aching! 
Pretty cool medal. :)

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