Monday, January 6, 2014

Gotta get it done.

This morning I got up at 630 and met my momma at the gym. We walked 4 miles around the indoor track before I had to drop someone off at the airport. Then it was off to take Annabelle to school and then to WW. I was up 1.8lbs this week. I was expecting a gain.  I always gain after a half. That's ok though, this week will be a great one. I'm planning on sticking to the WW plan this week and get my runs in. I've got a half marathon on Saturday. It'll be a fun one. Technically I can run any distance I want. If I only want to go 4 miles I can do that. If I want to run a half I can. If I want to run a marathon I can do that too. My goal though is just a half. I'm excited to see how it is running a half inside around a track. I'm hoping to meet up with some new people. It'll be nice to run with someone rather than alone.

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