Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Half Marathon

This morning I got up and headed down to American Fork for the New Year's Half. It's a smaller run race so I wasn't expecting much in the way of aid stations and stuff. The one awesome thing about this race was the fact that they let the slower runners start an hour ahead of everyone else. I wish every race did that. There were about 8 of us that started early around 7am. 

I stuck with the group for the first 5 miles and then missed the 5 mile marker along with a couple others and made it up in the end. There was one aid station and it was at mile 6.5. Honestly, this was one the my easier races. Mentally, I wasn't counting down the miles the whole time and my body wasn't aching for the miles to pass by. I wasn't even bothered by the cold much at all. I think I looked at it as a long run versus a race. The past couple races I felt like I was mentally strained from it all. I felt like I had to have GU every aid station. I felt like the aid stations didn't come soon enough, but this time one aid station was enough. 

I wish I would have stayed a little longer and talked and met some new people, but I didn't. My next race I will though! :) 

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