Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't think too much about it.

I was up a lot with the kids last night so I decided to sleep in a little bit, plus it was another snowy day so, the sun wasn't shining into my room like it normally does in the mornings. The day went on like normal. Normal mothering tasks like calling the school, feeding the babies, changing diapers, running children to the bathrooms, etc. My momma came over and visited a little bit in the morning. It's always nice to see her. After taking my oldest to Activity Days for church I laced up my shoes and got on the treadmill. I was already in my bumming around clothes from painting so, I didn't think of anything else besides getting my running shoes on. I knew if I thought too much into it and changed my clothes into "real" running clothes I wouldn't have done as much as I did. I would have only done a couple of miles and called it a night. Rather than thinking about it too much, I just went down to the basement and got my run done. 4 miles. I ran 2.5 and walked 1.5. It felt good. I know that I feel better when I run. I know that each run will pay off one day. I also know that I'm being an example to my children. When they see me exercising even when I don't really want to. 

Tomorrow I'm planning on running 5 miles. It'll be rough on the treadmill, but I'll get it done and it'll have to be done first thing in the morning. 

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