Monday, August 16, 2010

A visit to the doctor

Well, I went to see the doctor today. I went in, got checked out, went through the whole first appointment routine and at the end the doc asks the usual, "So, do you have any questions or concerns?" That's when I told him I'd been running. "Oh, that's great!" he says. So, I continue with, "Well, I've been running a lot. I ran a marathon at 5 weeks and I have a half scheduled in September and October. I did 6.3 on Saturday and felt great." You shoulda seen his face!! It was the funniest thing: mouth wide open in shock and eyes looking at me like "I don't like this!"

Well, I've gone to this doc for the past 2 pregnancies and he knows me pretty well. All he could say was, "Well, we don't really want pregnant women exercising to the point of exhaustion and I think a marathon and 2 half marathons fall into that category." He gave me a look like "I know you aren't going to listen, but I'm concerned." So, I tell him I've been running for about 2 years now and I've been training a lot so this isn't like some big surprise. He kinda left it at that and didn't say anymore about it. I think he just figured he wouldn't be changing my mind anytime soon.

I'm going to be careful. I'll walk if I need to walk and I'll be good. I'm not worried. If I had a bad feeling about it I wouldn't have signed up.

The doc did a quick little ultrasound and things look great. The baby has a strong heart beat and is looking good. It's nice to have seen him/her cause it makes it more real.

Well, I know it's late, but I'm off do my lunges for the day. :)


misszippy said...

Pretty funny! I think it is a big unknown what we can/can't do while preggers and the docs need to relax a bit. Sounds like all is in order, so you're doing ok!

Cynthia O'H said...

Unless your doctor is you, it's hard to gauge what you can and can't do. Mine was opposite; he told me I could run but I ended up hating it so didn't.

Thanks for commenting on my sugar profile yesterday.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I think the medical community is mixed on exercise in general. Human beings were meant to use their bodies everyday. ...okay, I won't make this a soap box for myself but I will say that as long as you listen to your body and know that now you are "pushing" yourself and the little one you can run right up to delivery. I did. Many have.
Make sure your doctor works for you and your health. Just because the majority of Americans sit on their tushies watching other people live their lives doesn't mean you have to. Your plan is a GREAT one and I commend you for wanting to stay active and run while preggo.

Roggia said...

You never know what each doc will say. All the ones at the group I went to here were TOTALLY supportive of my running efforts. It's nice to have them behind you, but I still think it's good you told the doctor. And at least he knows you'll probably still try to run... so he's obviously not totally against it. And this way he'll know to watch for any real concerns later on. It'll all work out. Keep up the good work!

Belkycita said...

You never cease to amaze me!!
do be careful.

Robyn said...

Glad the baby looks good, but definitely one of those times to follow doctor's orders :)

Amy said...

:D Compared with people who totally "take a break" during pregnancy I'm sure he freaked out about you. Good times.