Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They're eating me alive!!

I don't know if Utah just doesn't have mosquitoes or what, but I haven't been bitten this much since I lived in Georgia when I was a teen. It's NUTS! I've been bit on my back, my arms (through my clothes), even my elbows. It's crazy! It's never been this bad before. So, as an excuse and because the road out here has no side for me to run on, I'm switching today's workout and tomorrow's workout. I walked around and played with the kids as cross training today. Tomorrow we'll be in a new town in the middle of nowhere, Hotsprings. There's TONS of places to run out there without worrying about getting hit by a car, mainly cause there's no one out there, but farmers. I think I could outrun a tractor if it was trying to run me over. Hahaha!

Today's been a good day. I'm feeling great. I'm even getting to the point where I can feel my uterus when I lay on my tummy. It always makes it more real when you get to that point. :) Things are good. I'll have some pictures tomorrow when I get out there and get a run in.


Christina said...

Ugh... I hate it when mosquitoes bit me on the non-fleshy parts of my body. It kinda hurts and itches all at the same time.
Have a good run tomorrow.

misszippy said...

Sorry you are getting eaten alive! But I'll bet it's beautiful.

~Andrea~ said...

Yeah..on feeling the uterus. It's so exciting. Hope you are having fun on your trip.