Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm still alive. Things have been crazy with family and all that jazz. But, I'm catching up!

Remember how I said that I wanted to run a couple half marathons during this pregnancy? Well, Sony just decided that they wanted  to sponsor me while I run the SoJo Half Marathon!!!
Sony Walkman Runners

Cool, huh!? I'm so excited!!! This is exactly what I need to keep my motivation up. They're providing me with this cool little video camera so I can tape some of my runs and the half. It's gonna be cool!! Since the half marathon's on September 25th, I should probably start training again soon, huh? It's only 11 1/2 weeks away.

Everyone keeps telling me to make sure to take it easy and not to over exert myself. So, let me lay this out for everyone. I WILL NOT run, if my body tells me not to. I WILL walk if I have to. I WILL take it easy. I WILL listen  to my body and stop if I have to stop. I WILL do what I know is right.  I WILL take into account what my Dr. says. No one needs to worry, I will be ok and the baby will be ok. Things are going to be great! :)

I'm starting to feel better, less tired, and less nauseous...so, that's good. My first Drs. appointment is this Friday, lets hope my Dr isn't one of those anti-runners. It's funny cause I've had this Dr with 2 of my babies, but I never ran with either of them. I was the classic eat whatever you want and gain 60+ lbs pregnant woman, so there was never a question if I could run or not. It'll be interesting to see what he says about running a couple halves and what he'll think about me doing the marathon at 5 weeks.I'll just have to tell him that I'm being careful.


I have a recap of yesterday's Freedom Run coming up, so keep an eye out! :)


Angie Bishop said...

How cool is that!!!! Have a blast with it :)

Christina said...

I'm sure you will do what's right and good for you and your baby.
I think it is awesome that you aren't throwing fitness (run/walk/just moving around) out of the window when you are pregnant.
If possible, do share what your doc said about your running while pregnant. I'm interested to know what's out there in the doc's world. If I ever am pregnant, I want to crave for oranges and run/walk and push a baby jogger stroller when they are born and continue running.

Bethany + Ryan said...

thats awesome!! congrats. when i have kids someday i'm going to screen doctors and find one who is a runner so he'll/she'll understand. :-) good luck

Teamarcia said...

Very exciting! Can't believe Sept is that close--ugh!

kimert said...

Very cool!

misszippy said...

That's awesome! Please share some of the coverage with us.

Robyn said...

OMG that's so exciting! What an honor!

Roggia said...

You'll know what you can do. My doctors out here have been great. They are all for the running and working out.

P said...

Wow, how very exciting!! Yay for you!

Cynthia O'H said...

That's really exciting. What a great motivator for you during your pregnancy.

I've thought about trying to record some of my runs for my boys to watch. I can't imagine carrying a camera, though, while I'm trying to catch the person ahead of me.

Looking forward to seeing your footage.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I am sure that will be so much fun!!!



How did you get SONY to sponsor you?
Just wondering, because I am trying to find a sponsor for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure I am doing in November. I need to raise $2300.00 in order to participate.

Congrats again!

Anne said...

Woohoo! That is so exciting!
Here's hoping your Dr. becomes your biggest fan :)