Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Springs, Montana

I'm lucky if I can get an Internet connection out here. I have to piggy back off of someones wireless connection to be able to get any kind of Internet. I'm sure it's not a real legal thing, but you do what you gotta do.

Yesterday I did 3.5 miles around here. I felt pretty good, but I could tell that it's been a while since I ran that far. I kept telling myself that I ran for 6 hours before and 45 minutes is nothing.

I stopped to take a picture by the Hot Springs hill. It was pretty peaceful out, besides the dogs. I am so afraid of dogs when I run. Ever since Hayley got bit, I tend to freak out a bit and say "Oooh, stay away! Stay away!" under my breath to the dogs. There are sooo many out here, the good thing about it though is most of them are fenced in or tied up so I shouldn't be afraid, it's just their barks, they're so mean.
It was really pretty out here. There's lots of cows and horses and the typical farm stuff. The sun was starting to go down when I turned around and I was glad to be back home before dark.
Today I have another 3.5 to go. I'm thinking I might go with J, but we'll see if he's up for it after a long day at work.


Erica said...

looks beautimus!

Amy said...

SO good to see you running! Amazing how fast you "lose it" huh? I take even a day or 2 off and I suddenly can't even come close to where I was. *sigh* I'm still convinced it's mental.

Cynthia O'H said...

What a great area to be running in. That would get me out for miles and miles.

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, beautiful scenery!

Anne said...

Love the scenery! Good job getting out there and good luck today :)

Suzy said...

Hot Springs looks beautiful. We usually head up by Glacier Nat'l Park in MT when we are there - more beautiful land. Good job on the run.