Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week's Runs!

This week's going to be fun!

My momma and papa are coming to town on Wednesday cause my sister's gonna have a baby sometime in the near future (hopefully!). Plus, this weekend my mom and I are going to run the Salt Lake Crack of Dawn 10 miler. I can't wait! It's so fun to run with my mom. :) She's such a  tough woman and I'm so proud of her. She's going to be running her first half marathon this June at the young age of 59! How cool is that?

J was so funny today. He asked me what time the race was and where I wanted him to stand at the finish line on Saturday. He was so upset with himself for missing the finish and I have to admit, I gave him a hard time for a little while when I found him after the race. But, I forgave him quickly cause he's a good man and I know he tried to be there. Like Amy said, "On the plus side, J just didn't expect you to be so dang fast! :D There are worse reasons to miss a finish." The funny thing about that...he said the exact same thing and it's so true. I was just emotional after running that far, ya know?

I love ya, J. You're such a great man! Thanks for being there and supporting me in this crazy running hobby. I couldn't do it without you!

So, my runs this week are going to be:
Monday: 4
Tuesday: 8
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 5
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Salt Lake Crack of Dawn 10 Miler + 2-3 miles warm up/cool down or double day.

My goals this week are to take it easy, go one day at a time, enjoy my family, and have a fun race with my momma.


Sarah said...

I didn't know about this race this weekend. I might see about doing it too! Glad I found another Utah runner in the bloggy world!


Have fun racing with your mom! I wish mine could race with me!

Erica said...

thats awesome that your Mom is going to run...and don't worry my hubby too missed me at the finish line of my first race, he thought he had more time to get back there..he was out on the course and did not realize my speediness is what I was told...I too forgave him because well he is pretty cute :P

Amy said...

Totally understand that it's emotional - I'm sure I'll feel that way after my first 5K. :)

Also, it seems like you're officially out of your funk yeah? You're excited about your runs again, which is fantastic!

Roggia said...

HEY! I'm glad your race went so well on Saturday! I knew it would! I was thinking of you the whole time I was doing my sad little 3 miles on the treadmill that morning. Wish we could be there with everyone this week!

Judi said...

Great job on your half! I enjoyed reading your report! Hills - they kill me!

Too bad about your husband missing you at the finish. I didn't have anyone at my race on Saturday and it just wasn't quite the same! I am sure your husband feels bad though.

Quick story . . . I was out of the country for over a year and hadn't seen my family during that time. I was so excited to see them and was envisioning them waiting for me - these were the days before 9/11 security - so they would be at the gate. But they were late! No one was there to greet me. I still give them a hard time about it! :) It makes for a good story anyway!

Happy training this week!

Anne said...

Running a race with your mom sounds awesome!! I think your goals for the week are great :)

Cynthia O'H said...

Like Mother, like Daughter. Running with your mom must be so precious for both of you. Enjoy it.