Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Riding with my girl on St. Patty's Day.

The breakfast of champions. YUM! You like my green milk? It was GOOD.

Today I thought it would be fun to take B with me on my run. She really enjoyed it. She talked the whole time, telling me about her dream last night, and asking why there were things like dragonflies. It was kinda fun listening to her little mind wonder while I ran.
The weather was perfect and we went 4 miles. Her little legs biked her up and down hills, over bridges, and through the dirt. She was so proud of herself. I asked if she liked riding while I ran and she said "Yeah, cause you're my best mom!" :)

I felt good the whole time. No achy muscles. No sore feet. Tomorrow's a 7 miles and I'm confident that I'll feel great again, lets just hope this great weather keeps up.


Judi said...

What a fun breakfast! I think I would expect to taste of the milk to be mint with the color being green!

Beautiful scenery you have to look at while you run! I so miss mountains!

Good luck on your 7 miler tomorrow!

Meg said...

What a perfect day; green milk, a great 7 miler and your daughter. So precious! I love her green striped leggings, so cute!

Alicia said...

Yummy looking breakfast!

Cute pic of your li'l one on her bike. Glad it was a good day!


There you go again making me hungry!!

So nice that you got to share your workout with your little one!

@mie said...

So fun...
you should win mother of the year award! Exercising and spending quality time with your daughter... now that takes talent!

Amy said...

So fun! She's lucky to have you.