Friday, April 12, 2013

Stronger and faster

I went to the pool again today. It's so nice when you start to get into a routine. I'm excited to see this baby weight fall and the inches drop. It's tough not to get self conscious in the pool when you've got the back fat going on and thunder thighs, but hey, I have 5 awesome kids. They're worth all of it. Now, I just need to work hard and get in shape. 

L1- 54.19
L2- 1.07.26
L3- 1.21.91
L4- 1.20.16
L5- 1.25.10
L6- 1.24.00
L7- 1.03.44
L8- 1.07.66
L9- 1.22.39
L10- 1.18.38
(500 in 12.23.49)
L11- 1.28.25
L12- 1.19.91
L13- 1.16.49
L14- 1.16.72
L15- 1.11.48
L16- 1.18.59
L17- 1.18.67
L18- 1.17.71
L19- 1.17.96
L20- 1.18.31
L21- 1.07.62
L22- 1.10.74
L23- 1.18.06
L24- 1.20.90

Total: 1200 in 30.24.90

I shaved off SO much time. I love it!!! None of the numbers went into the 1.30s. When I was at my peak back around 1996-1997 I could swim a 500 close to 6 minutes. I wonder if I could do that again. I wonder if I could get to that point. How awesome would that be. I'm going to have to change my header up there and include a pair of swim goggles in the picture and change the name. 
Now, I need to clean the house before Jason gets home. That should give me a good amount of steps. There's a LOT to do. 

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