Saturday, April 20, 2013

2000 yards!

I didn't really want to swim today. I was sore from my run yesterday and I wasn't feeling it 100%, but I had to keep my routine. If I gave it up right now I'd fall behind and I'm doing so well right now. Anyway... I got to the pool and the little kid's swim team was going on. There was 1 lane open for me so, I got started and then switched over to a different lane once everyone cleared out. I started out planning on doing 1700 again, but once I hit 1800 I figured I'd keep going. :) I even pushed it on the last lap so I could get 2000 in under 50 min. I hit it in 49.17!!! Yay!!

L1- 2.02.76
L2- 2.15.22
L3- 2.37.07
L4- 2.42.60
L5- 2.12.25
(500 IN 11.49.90)
L6- 2.35.60
L7- 2.38.68
L8- 2.42.09
L9- 2.39.09
L10- 2.37.48
L11- 2.09.62
L12- 2.19.56
L13- 2.27.18
L14- 2.23.61
L15- 2.25.97
L16- 2.35.07
L17- 2.51.43
L18- 2.47.11
L19- 2.14.68
L20- 2.00.53

Total: 2000 in 49.17.60

I felt AWESOME!!!! I was gasping for air on that last lap though, I'm not gonna lie. lol! It wasn't easy to go that fast after that much. 

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