Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Made it happen

Today I was without a car. I didn't have a way to get to the pool. I was going to just walk today for my cross training but, I decided that I would actually need a car for the kids school... anyway. An awesome friend let me borrow her car to run my errands and to get my swim in. I swam 1200 in 30.02

L1- 2.04.15
L2- 2.16.66
L3- 2.18.06
L4- 2.27.19
L5- 2.23.47
(500 in 11.29.53)
L6- 2.31.73
L7- 2.51.82
L8- 2.44.60
L9- 2.50.38
L10- 2.31.61
L11- 2.34.27
L12- 2.27.16
Total: 1200 in 30.01.10

I used to be the only one in the pool, but it looks like the "masters swim" is going on at 9 am every morning. Ugh... I hate sharing a lane. I hope it changes soon. Oh well, at least I got it done. :)

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