Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've got a plan!

Ok, so first here's my 22nd week or 21st week or 23rd week photo. I took it today, but here's the thing. The doc says to stay with my first estimated due date which is the 12th of Feb and that would put me in my 23rd week. But, the ultrasound said she was measuring 9 days smaller, which would make me due on the 21st and would make me barely 22 weeks. Now a couple days ago, the doc measures my belly and I'm measuring around 20 weeks. What the heck, man!! I just have to tell myself that her heart rate is great, every thing's measuring right, and there's no signs of anything wrong physically, so I shouldn't worry. 

It's just scary for me that I'm so much smaller this time than I ever was with the other kiddos. I am! I'm feeling good and she's kicking all the time. 

 Here's my plan:
I'm the type of  person that likes lists. I love charts, too, but most of all I love crossing things off and seeing progress. So, today I created an exercise chart/list for the rest of the pregnancy and put it on the fridge. 
Each day has a certain amount of miles to walk/trot and an amount of minutes to do on the elliptical. I figure it's a reasonable goal to move everyday and making a chart makes it easier for me to see what's going on. I have all the different months highlighted with different colors. It's two sided and laminated so I can cross it off and keep it sweat free. I also printed off a little one to keep by the elliptical so I could go down there everyday and know what I have to do. 

So far so good. During nap time I did 30 minutes on the elliptical while I watched Cake Boss. Right after I was done the kids were ready to go on a walk. We did 2.25 miles around the lake and then went over to the school  playground. The kids loved it. They biked so fast that I had the chance to trot a little. I felt good trotting, but my pelvic muscles were like, "What are you doing? We haven't moved like this for a few months now..." so they'd ache and I'd walk until it didn't ache and then I'd trot again. It also didn't help that she was sitting on my bladder, so each time I'd trot I'd have to use all my muscles to hold it in. LOL! My walk/trot was kept around a 15.30 pace. Not bad, not bad.

Everything feels great right now. No achy muscles or joints. Things are good. 

Here's to a new plan!! Let's hope I can keep it up. :)


track coach and adorable wife said...

Great job getting out! I would be happy with any pace when I was pregnant!

lovshinmom said...

Wow. You are amazing.

Liz said...

Way to go! I am much more motivated when I have a set schedule to keep up with. Once I found my half marathon training schedule it was like -bam- extra motivation!

PS - I LOVE watching the Cake Boss too! That man is amazing! Seeing the cakes makes all the tv-realitiy-drama bearable.

@mie said...

You are amazing!
It's so easy to just give up on exercise during pregnancy, so I am so proud of you! =)