Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feelin' good

Yesterday I was supposed to do 1 mile and 40 min on the elliptical, but I chose to skip it and clean the van. Then after I got the van cleaned I decided to clean the car. After that I decided to clean the whole house. Yeah, I think I might be nesting. :) I did get a REALLY good workout moping the floor, I was seriously breaking a sweat trying to get all the stuff off the floor. I mopped for a good 30 minutes too. 

 I got my workout for sure, the best part of it was the fact that Jason could come home to a clean house. It's a good thing the house was clean cause the poor guy came home with a runny nose, a sore throat, and a fever.
(The kids found these on today's walk. I loved seeing their excitement. "It's like on Tinkerbell!")

Today I took a nap when I should have been doing the elliptical. So, after a short nap I got up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical while watching Cake Boss. Seriously, that's a fun show to watch, being part Italian, it's fun seeing their interactions, it makes me think of my grandpa. I find myself smiling while working out which is a big plus. Although, today I was so tired from my nap that I had a REALLY hard time getting moving, but I did it.

Right after I got the kids and went on a 3 mile walk around the lake while Jason kept napping.
I thought It would be fun to get a picture of the lake. They don't really do it justice, but it's a pretty lake and I'm very blessed to have something so great to be able to walk/run around.

The kids had SO much fun biking they found acorns and beetles and rocks. It's really nice that they can bike faster than me now cause it gives me a chance to walk/trot as fast as I can without having to stop constantly. I also love that it's becoming a routine. Lunch, nap time (elliptical time), wake up, walk/bike around the lake, playground, home, cook dinner. There's all these great mommies that take their kids to the library and to all these fun places, but I'm not "brave" enough to venture out into public with 3 little kids that like to touch and grab things that can easily break, plus Annabelle doesn't get the concept of "Shhhh..." so the library's out. I'm glad that we have this though. Brianna gets excited about it every day. 

Today while I walked I tried jogging more. I felt good. I didn't ache, but my legs we like lead. It's the same feeling I had when I was doing the marathon. Practice makes perfect right, so the more I walk and keep moving the better I'll be and the healthier I'll be.

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lovshinmom said...

That definately sounds like you're nesting:)

Steel Springs said...

Great photos! That's a beautiful place for a walk. It's fun that you're smiling while working out.

Best wishes to Jason. I hope he feels better soon.