Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Being healthy

I love when I decide to be healthy. Actually...sometimes I love it, but other times I don't. Let me explain...

I love food. I really do. I'm not the type that could do any of those "no carbs", "no sugars", "no everything" diets. I love food too much for that. Jason and I love to make new things. Yummy things...things filled with cream and sugar and butter.  Our favorite meal is Pioneer woman's Burger with her fancy Mac and Cheese. At times when that craving hits for a nice juicy burger and mac and cheese, that's when eating healthy sucks cause you feel so guilty for eating something so "unhealthy".

But, I also love eating the fresh stuff. I could eat a BIG salad for dinner any day. When Jason's ma was here I made a salad for lunch and asked her if she wanted one too. She said she did so I went ahead and made one. I don't think she realized what size my salads were. She ended up only eating half of it cause it was so big. The thing I thought was really funny was one night she made a salad for dinner (there was 7 of us eating) and the salad was 1/3 the size of one of my salads. Haha!

Now, don't get me salads aren't just lettuce and tomato. I put all the fixin's in it. A serving of meat, a little cheese, a bread of some sort, nuts, all the different kinds of veggies I have in the fridge. It's big, but not so big that one (or two) servings of dressing can't cover it.

Anyway...the whole point of this is, my house right now is all about apples. I've made applesauce (made with straight apples and 100% apple juice), apple crisp (twice), apple pie, and soon I'm going to can a ton of apple pie filling. Today after our 2 mile walk I had to go pick up my big bro's SoJo Half Marathon shirt at Chick-fil-a. I love a good Chick-fil-a sandwich with fries and a diet Dr. Pepper. After getting Aaron's shirt I got a meal for me and chicken nuggets for the kids. I ate the sandwich and went for the fries... Well, rather than eat the fries (dipped in buffalo sauce...mmmmmm!), I gave them to the kids. I felt good for making the choice not to eat the fries. I mean, I just did 2 miles and 30 minutes on the elliptical and I'm sure 1/2 of the fries would have made my workout pointless. But, what made me even happier was when got home and the kids wanted to eat apples. All 3 of them ate a WHOLE apple. Caleb seriously ate the whole thing except the stem and 3 seeds. I love that my kids love fruits and vegetables. It makes me feel like a good mom, even when I pawn off my fries on them. :)

Today's workout was good. I didn't feel like doing the elliptical, but I got up and did it anyway. Right after I was done we went and did 2 miles around the lake. I felt a little round ligament pain, but nothing to really worry about, it stretched out after the first mile.

Sometimes I feel like such a sissy for just walking, trotting, and doing the elliptical. There are other women out there like Hayley and Dorothy who run (like seriously RUN) through their pregnancies at a great pace (faster than me even when I wasn't pregnant!) all the way up to the end. But, I have to remind myself, that what I'm doing is better than nothing and all my effort will benefit me and "little miss" in the end.

Here's to being healthy and making the right choices!! :)


Joggin' Momma said...

You are doing a FANTASTIC thing for you and the little miss! ANY exercise is better than no exercise at all! Keep up the great work!

Anne said...

Cheers! I think you are awesome! :)