Saturday, May 8, 2010

Run to Walk Family 5k

Today's race was FUN! I'm telling ya, it's such a great thing running as a family. Sure, everyone finished at different times, but it was fun to talk about it when we were all done.
Hayley and Adam were amazing. She did it in 26 and Adam did it in 19. I could only dream to do it that fast. I can't believe this was the only picture I got of Adam today. Lame...
Mom and pop before the race. :)
Mom was 2nd in her age group and did it in 34 (I think.). Dad did it in 36, but I'm not sure. All I know is he finished WAY before we did. He kept saying, "I had to do this every day for 34 years and now I'm paying to run!?" Hahaha. The joys of being in the Army. :) At least he's retired now and doesn't have to do PT if he doesn't want to. I think he enjoyed it.
Here's Mr. J before the race started. He was all ready. He screwed up his back a couple weeks ago and his PT told him he couldn't run, so he walked... He's such a tall guy that his walk is my jog. So, while pushing 3 little kiddos in a stroller and putting up with one of them getting in and out of the basket in the back while he was still going.  B got in and out of the basket and ran about a mile of it.
Poor guy, he's not used to going that fast for so long. The last time he did a 5k was a year ago with me. He just laid there on the ground for about 15 minutes. It wore him out!
It's all good. I still love him! :) We walked it in 44.02, not bad considering he was pushing over 100 lbs in a non-jogging stroller. He puts up with so much. I'm glad I have such a great man!

Before the race I ran 4 miles around the riverwalk and then did the 3 miles with the race. Good times!


H Love said...

great pictures!! sounds like a great time!

@mie said...

Congrats guys!
A family that races together,
stays together!!! LOL =)

Anne said...

What a great experience! Love the pics :)

Cynthia O'H said...

Family days at the races are the best!