Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you serious Bob?

Before I start to rant lets get that Le Creuset winner announced...
Congrats Michele, email me your mailing info at runmommatwitchrun (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll get that right out to ya!

Who watched The Biggest Loser last night? I can't believe Bob and Jillian. It's so frustrating, I just don't know what to say...I think Tall Mom says it best. I don't know about you, but I haven't lost any weight while training for my marathon. I've gained 5+ pounds. I just think they were WAY out of line for going off on Daris like that. I think it's even MORE reason he should win. I was SO mad last night about it all. They aren't setting a good example of weight loss.

Anyway...yesterday I got out and ran 6.75 miles in the pouring rain.

Don't those clouds look like fun? Haha!
About 2 miles into my run it started pouring on me. Other than it being a little chilly it was really refreshing. I enjoyed myself. Today I have 7 to do, but I'm going to have to walk/run it cause yesterday my leg was acting up some and I think it was cause it was cold outside.


Emz said...

seriously - that weather . .
. . . looks like complete BLISS.


way to go on the run yesterday! Hope the leg does well today!

I was LIVID last night about the Bob/jillian thing. THe hubby had to give me a "chill out lady".

Amy said...

Oh I watched. Here's the thing about The Biggest Loser. Losing that much weight that fast IS NOT HEALTHY. I know that. But I still watch it and love it. I think it's inspiring to see SUCH a drastic change so quickly. So, it's not shocking to me that they would say something so wrong about a marathon.

On one hand, if you weigh 300 pounds and start training for a marathon YES you will lose weight. That makes sense to me. I think that's what Jillian was saying. If you're active and out there working and eating right, you don't gain weight.

HOWEVER, if you just lost 150 pounds in 4 months, and started hardcore training for a marathon (which I assume makes you STARVING) you're gonna eat more than you do if you're not training for a marathon. It was heartbreaking to see his 2 pound gain because it bites to work so hard and see something that seems to be the opposite of your goal. But go Daris for ROCKING the marathon! Because wow!

I'm heartbroken for him because he is so amazing, and I hope he wins. Sorry Koli, but I want Daris in and I want him to win it all, and I want him to rub it in their faces when he's still skinny in 20 years.

ha, you didn't need a novel. Sorry.

Amanda said...

I loved the fact, during the show, that he said "I'm a runner" he's finding his identity and he's dang good at it too. There should have been nothing but pride for him, but that's all because we're runners too :) They are only looking at the show and weight loss nothing else. It broke my heart his plead was asking for a second chance when he doesn't understand he didn't do anything wrong. Oh well he got my vote, not errogant Koli.

Michele said...

AHH!! I'm so excited I actually won!! Will be emailing you.

On another note: The Biggest Loser. I do not watch this show, so had no idea what had happened until I read it this morning on Tall Mom's blog. I couldn't believe it either. I am in the same boat, this is the first marathon I've trained for and I haven't lost any weight. It actually kind of irritates me when people ask how much weight I've lost since training. People just don't understand. Bob and Jillian: way out of line.

Bethany + Ryan said...

if daris chose to keep with the allotted 1200 calories a day then he would have ran a 6+ marathon too. you can't run a marathon on 1200 calories a day. Daris did 4:02 because he ate! i also gain a few pounds while training for a Marathon. the editing was horrible

Sherri said...

I don't watch the show...I know...I may be the only one...but I don't watch any TV at all!
I absolutely love your pictures...sometimes a good run in the rain is Awesome!

Anonymous said...

looks surprisingly beautiful!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

sometimes a run in the rain is way fun, but really only when it's warm out.

way to go on the stroller!!