Monday, August 22, 2011

South Valley Half Marathon

I woke up and walked over to the bus pick up area and loaded onto the first bus. There were 5 porta-potties and 300ish (maybe more, I didn't count) people waiting to use them. Haha! That's one plus about getting on the first bus. You're always the first to get in line for the bathrooms. 

Anyway, we started out watching the sun rise above the mountains while running down the canyon. It was really pretty. I started out just fine, I ran the first 6 miles without stopping and I felt fine. Well, that was until I realized that I forgot my GU and there weren't any at the water stops. The hills killed my energy and I walked/ran the rest of the way. 
I didn't expect the hill to be that big. I will say though, my outlook on this race compared to the last half was amazingly different. I was a lot more positive this time around. Maybe cause I knew the area, I don't know... But, it was a good race. I was drained, but it was good. :)
Caleb saw me coming up to the finish line and ran across it with me. They called out my name and said they loved seeing all the "helpers". Caleb was so proud to run with me the last few feet.
I did it! 2nd half since having Rosalie! :)
I'd run it again. Though, I think it would be better in the fall when it cools down since there wasn't much trees along the route and it was pretty hot out. 

Good race!