Sunday, September 4, 2011

14 miles!

Longest run since having Rosalie. I woke up yesterday morning an hour past my alarm going off. That's one thing wrong with having your phone right next to your bed.... You turn off your alarm without knowing it.

Anyway, I got up and headed out the door. I did the first 6 miles around the house and then decided that I'd run to weight watchers rather than run around in circles. It was a really nice run. I even did it faster than my half marathon by 12 minutes. I think it helped that I did it super early in the morning and it was in the 50's out rather than the 80's. I'm not a fan of running in the heat. I'd rather run in the snow any day.

I felt great though. It was nice to do 14 at a good pace and not feel sluggish. I hope to only get stronger. :)