Thursday, September 8, 2011

8 great miles

Well, I'll be doing the St. George Marathon NEXT year. The lady in charge was nice enough to switch my entry to next year. This year though, on the 8th of October, I'll be running the Layton Marathon. I'm excited to run it. 9 months after having Rose.... I love when I amaze myself. :)

This morning I pushed the girls 8 miles around the lake. I'm getting better each time I push the stroller. I'm so surprised I ran 8 miles in 1.36. Crazy, I'm getting faster!! :) It was easier too. It's taking less effort.

Halfway through I had a lady pushing a stroller stop me and tell me that I was her motivation to keep going. I love when I motivate others. It makes it all that much more worth it, ya know? What a great run.

Rose was amazing the whole time. She took a nap and then had a bottle and was just great. Annabelle on the other hand wanted help with something every mile, tough, but you do what you gotta do. I've got 16 scheduled for Saturday and my oldest turns 7. It'll be an awesome weekend.

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