Sunday, June 26, 2011

American Fork Canyon Half Marathon

Better late than never, right? ;)
 I ran in honor of my Aunt Marena on the right. :)

I got up yesterday morning at 3 am to run 13.1 miles. Yeah, I'm a little nuts, but it was fun (well, for the most part.) I woke up and finished my shirt that I started the night before. I picked a dark blue shirt for colon cancer and freezer paper stenciled the words on with silver. The only thing I did wrong was I put too thick of a coat on it and it wasn't dry when I pulled it off so the letters looked a little funky. Anyway after messing with that for a little bit I got my breakfast ready (oatmeal and banana) and was about to walk out the door when Annabelle woke up wanting a blanket and a drink. I hurried and got her all settled and left. I got down the street and realized I forgot a hair tie. I can't run without my hair back... I don't know how some women do it. It would annoy the crap out of me. 

Anyway, I made it down there and on the second bus up the canyon. It was super dark and a little chilly when we got up there. I brought a blanket with me to use, but at the last minute I decided it wasn't that cold so I left it in the car before getting on the bus (I shoulda brought it. Oh, well...)

Start-Mile 3
Well, the race started on time (6am), but for some reason I was thinking it was supposed to start at 630 and that's what I told Jason (more on that later). We started out going down hill through the canyon.  Before mile one we ran through a little river going across the road. There was no way to miss it, so my feet were soaked with ice cold mountain water. From then on the miles just flew by. I was going at around a 1040 pace and I was feeling really comfortable.  When mile 3.1 hit I thought, "10 miles to go. I can do this. I've done this before." For some reason I wasn't feeling the music I had so, for the majority of my race I just enjoyed what was going on around me.

Mile 4-7
I was feeling AWESOME! Down hill all the way. I was letting my feet go with the down hill and I felt great. I was down to a 930 pace when my garmin lost reception and got a little screwy. At mile 7 it said I did a 639 mile and that my fastest pace was a 315 mile (YEAH RIGHT!!) There's no way I could EVER go that fast. I caught up to this one guy and my feet fell in line with his and it totally got me in the groove. I kept thinking, "1, 2, 3, 4...1, 2, 3, 4" over and over in my head. (I know, I'm weird...)

Mile 8-10
I was out of the canyon and things were starting to level out. No more down hill and my legs were starting to feel it. I ended up running with this one lady for a couple miles and saw that we were ahead of the 2.20 pacer. I was so shocked that I was that far ahead of him, but I started to slow and he passed me. 

Last night I watched this video (it's SOO funny!) and when my mind started wandering, I started thinking to myself about how I've never had to go #2 while running and how I would totally hold it in if it was me. Yeah, I jinxed myself. Around mile 9 I started to feel it. OOOooh, did I feel it. (A jalapeno burger from Carl Jr's is NOT the best pre race dinner.) I passed an aid station and the port-a-potties cause there was a major line and I didn't want to waste my time waiting in line. I shoulda though cause around mile 10 I REALLY really really had to go. So bad that each time I started to run I had to stop and walk cause I was totally going to mess myself. lol!
Mile 11-13.1
Around mile 10.5 there was a single port-a-potty on the side of the road that I was lucky enough to use without having to wait too long. I ended up wasting what felt like 5 minutes at the potty. After that I felt better, but my legs were feeling the little break and they didn't want to go fast. I tried using my music, but I still wasn't feeling it. It was actually making me go slower. I needed someone to talk to and no one was around so, I tried calling my brother and he didn't answer so, I called my mom in Africa. 

I was starting to get all emotional around mile 11.75 telling my mom that I hate running races alone and I really hope Jason is there at the finish cause I really need support right now. My mom and dad were driving through the jungle in West Africa with some missionaries when I called. She told me to just imagine my dad waiting for me and running the last bit with me (that's what he did at my full marathon last year) and that my aunt Marena was there by my side. I could hear the missionaries in the background saying I was doing good and to keep going. I started getting all choked up and hung up and started running again. My bro called when I had less than a mile to go. My legs wanted to walk, but my heart wanted to run. I really just wanted to be under 2.40 and I knew that if I kept walking I wouldn't make that. So, Adam told me to pretend like I was doing fartleks. Run some, walk some until I got to the end. I did and I saw the finish and kept running. 

I crossed the line and my feet were killing me. I had a couple little blisters from some flip flops that I wore a week ago and I think the wet socks from the beginning made the blisters worse. I called Jason cause I didn't see him at the finish. I knew he was trying really hard to be there. I wasn't upset because I told him the wrong start time, so it was my fault. (Note to self: Tell Jason the RIGHT start time!) Brianna was SO sad because she wanted to cheer me on and didn't get the chance to. She even made a sign for me.

So, I did a fake finish so she could say, "Go ma!" It wasn't the same thing and she was still sad. Oh well, the next half is in August and it finishes right by my house so it'll be easier for them to be there at the end.
I ended up finishing the race in 2.36.02! Not bad!!! I finished and I reached my goal of being under 2.40. Imagine if I didn't waste time at the bathroom, I would have been even better. It's all good though. I did well. I'm proud of myself. I did really well, I mean really, it's only been 5 months since I had Rosalie. I wouldn't have EVER imagined running 5 months after any of the other kids. GO ME! :) 

I woke up this morning and my legs were ACHING!!! I swear I didn't feel this achy after the full marathon and I was prego at the time. I bet it was all the down hill that is making them ache so bad.

Now I gotta get some rest and get back to runnin' for my next half at the end of August. I just wanted to say thanks for all the support from you guys out there. It means a lot. :)


Tara said...

Go you! You inspire me!

Lizzie said...

You are AMAZING! Way to go. I am so impressed with how quickly you jumped back into running. I need to follow your example.

Julia said...

WAY TO GO!!! Congrats on meeting your goal! LOVE THAT! I am so sad that I did not see you...we must have just missed each other because I was on the first bus! I had the same bathroom issues at the exact same mile marker...okay well close to the same issues. mine was more my bladder. I was so scared to get dehydrated that I was chugging water all morning and the night before. DUMB.

Congrats on an awesome race! You are inspiring for getting back out there and running a half SO quickly after having your baby!!!! wow!

Alicia said...

Congrats! Love the shirt and the sentiment. Such a great race!

Jennifer said...

Great job!

Whitney said...

Great run! Congrats! Hooray for the South Valley 1/2 coming up!