Monday, April 6, 2015

My journey with Hashimoto's

I went in for a annual physical last week. They did the normal stuff... checked my weight, height, blood pressure, blood work, etc. A couple days later I get an email saying my blood work results are in. I don't think much of it cause I've never had any problems with anything physically. I've always been the boring patient with nothing to report. I check the results and see

"thyroid is showing low (when the TSH is higher like this is showing, the thyroid is actually low). We need to repeat this and a few other thyroid tests to be sure it is actually low". 

Ok, That's weird... I've never had any problems with blood work before. Everything always come back normal. So, I call them back and see what I need to do to get retested. I go back in and get my blood drawn. Of course while I'm waiting the next few days for results I'm googling everything about low thyroid and what that means. The first few things I read point to Hashimoto's. 

Hashimoto's can be explained HERE and, well, it makes a lot of sense and explains a lot of why I'm tired all the time and lately I've been feeling like I'm about to get sick, but nothing happens. I get the sore tired muscles like I'm sick. I thought it was just the time of year, but no... it was my body. A year or so ago I went in to my OB to get my thyroid levels checked because I was feeling tired and he said it looked normal. 

 We were headed out of town and it just kept nagging at me. I wanted to know what the other results said! 

We get to Oregon and I see that the results are in. 

"this indicates that your body has created antibodies to your thyroid which is why your thyroid is currently on the low side. This indicates your thyroid is slightly low. We should start on low dose replacement,as this may get worse due to the antibodies your body is making against thyroid. We will call in prescription."

Ok, well... I'm in Oregon, a few states away... do I wait until I get home or do I call the Doctor now and find out what this is and what I need to do? He hasn't called me and I'm really wondering. So, I call him up and get the nurse. Ugh... CALL ME BACK!!! I wait and I wait and finally they call me. The doc doesn't sound concerned, says it's Hashimoto's, and makes it sound like I can wait until I get back, but I don't want to wait for the meds. I might as well start them now. I want to have energy again. Yeah, I've been running and training and I feel alright when I do that, but after I'm SOOO drained and before I run it takes everything in me to get out the door and run. 

Well, he ends up sending my prescription to a Target in Oregon and I start my meds right away. The whole time I'm in Oregon I'm noticing every little ache, every tired muscle, every lack of interest in things and I have to tell myself to knock it off. I've lived with this for heaven knows how long and just because I know what it is now doesn't mean that I should let myself become defined by it. 

Jason and Derrick gave me a blessing after I got the official diagnosis and that always helps. It also helped that the friends we were staying, the wife, Missy has something similar and takes the same meds. So, it was really nice to talk to someone about it all. She said the meds would start kicking in around 2 weeks. I can't wait until that happens so I can see if the meds help. 

Another thing that was interesting was how many people came out saying they have thyroid problems when I said I had mine. Why does no one talk about it? Is it that normal? A couple of my cousins have thyroid problems, my aunt, both of my grandmas... I never knew...

So, this is the beginning of my Hashimoto's journey. I'm interested to see how it effects my running and weight loss.

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