Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don't worry about a thing.

This mornings' run was about telling myself that it's ok to run after a bad race. Yesterday I tried to run. I took about 10 steps and said, "Nope... not today..." I kept telling myself that I didn't want what happened on Saturday to happen again. I didn't want to get sick and I didn't want to run sick, but I wasn't sick on Monday. I was fine. I rested the rest of the day Saturday and all day on Sunday. I felt fine. I felt like I was recovered, but mentally I still had that half weighing on me. 

So, this morning I got up and saw how beautiful the sunrise would be and got out the door. I walked down towards the temple and the skies were almost purple. It was so pretty! I told myself I'd walk the first bit and then start running. I wasn't aiming to run any particular amount of miles. I just wanted to get my legs going. I started out after I got some pictures of the sunrise and the temple. There was a lady walking behind me and I didn't want to do the whole walk and her catch up to me and then I'd pass her and she'd pass me and all that, so I ran. Those first 10 steps almost made me stop, but I kept going. I don't care what the pace was and it wasn't going to bother me that I wasn't listening to any music. I just wanted to move. The first mile came pretty easy actually. I just trotted along. Then the second mile came and I felt stronger and mentally I thought, "I can do this... What was I worried about?" The 3rd mile felt great! I was running laps around a little section until my mom came, but I didn't see her so I went off looking for her. I was a half mile in and thought that maybe I'd just run the full 5 miles. I was almost at 4, so what's another mile? I was feeling great. Then I saw my mom and finished the last 1.4 miles with her. 

My goal every day is to get 5 miles in. It doesn't really matter to me the walk to run ratio as long as I get those 5 miles and hit my 10,000 steps on my Fitbit early. Haha! This morning when I got home, Jason and I got to work on our 30 day challenge workout.  

Last month we did a 30 day ab challenge and it REALLY helped with my running. I could really tell that I was becoming a stronger runner because of it. So, when our friend told us what the new 30 day challenge was we were all on board. This month's challenge includes squats, planks, push ups and crunches/sit ups. I can do all of them easy except the sit ups. I know it says crunches, but they do nothing for me. I've challenged myself this month to do sit ups instead and the goal is to do them with elementary school standards. Haha! You know, when you were in elementary school and everyone had to do the Presidential Fitness Test. That one... No using your arms to help with sit ups and no bouncing off the floor for momentum. That kind of sit up. It's not easy not using your arms to give you a little boost. I'm the one who usually starts with my hands behind my head and then ends up using them to get up. Haha! Not this time though! I'm on day 6 so far and I did all 45 sit ups today without using my arms. 

All in all today I'm feeling really good about everything. :) I just can't let a bad run keep me down. 

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