Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, I've had 9 months to relax, time to get back in shape. Well, not right this second....I'm only about 85% recovered from delivery, but next week at this time I'm going to start walking. Then I will start running/walking. Then I will start running short distances, I'll race and then run longer, then even longer, and then I will train for another marathon.

I've already made a list of possible races for 2011. I miss running races SO bad! It's such a fun thing. There's just something about getting out there and running. I don't compete against others when I race, there's no way I could ever win, but I compete against myself. I love seeing how fast I can be each time.

Now, I've got to get some new shoes. MyPRplans has a great article about getting new shoes and what to avoid. I really could use some new shoes.... who doesn't like new running shoes? I just need to go back and get fitted again. When I first started training last year I went and got fitted. The shoes were perfect, once I wore them out I just bought some that were similar, but I didn't get fitted...boy, bad idea... What a waste of money and it hurt my feet/legs too.

So, my goal is slow and steady and I'll be back in shape in no time. I have to keep reminding myself that in the beginning the little distances and stuff make a difference and they aren't pointless. The trick this time is to be able to continue to nurse while I'm starting to run. I lost my milk supply last time because of upping my running, lets hope it doesn't happen this time.

One more week of relaxing and then back into the fun of it! Yay! :)


Joggin' Momma said...

Every little bit counts, that's what I say to myself too! And I had NO idea that upping the running can affect milk supply, wow! Fingers crossed for you, just take it easy and get back into things at your own pace! I waited ten weeks after Brenna was born so you are already ten steps ahead of me!

Cynthia O'H said...

I'm glad that you're feeling ready to start back again. Remember to take it easy and come back slowly; you don't want to end up on the "i" list.

lovshinmom said...

I hope you do take it easy for the time period you need to. THanks for the article link. I'll have to read it.

One Little Jill said...

It is definitely a good idea to take it easy, at least right now. but yeah for new race schedules :)

And how about some photos of that gorgeous little girl?