Saturday, May 31, 2014

Girls On The Run 5k

For a couple of months Brianna has been going to Girls on the Run every week. It is a great program that teaches girls to be positive, confident, and all that great stuff while training for a 5k. Brianna is great at running short distances so, this was a fun experience for her. She had a practice run before today and ran the first quarter mile before having to walk because she went out way too fast. Today was a different story. 

With Girls on the Run the girls have a running buddy and I got to be Brianna's for the 5k. 
There were a TON of people there. Brianna, Jason, Caleb, Annabelle, and I all went. It was at the Sugarhouse Park. It's a beautiful park. There was all sorts of fun things to do. Face painting, hair coloring, food, everything! Brianna had fun getting her hair colored green, pink, and purple. 
We started out and with in the first 20 feet she was complaining of her legs being super tired. "We just started!" I said. Haha! We kept going and walked at the top of the hill. We did a walk run thing for the first lap then on the second half is when she really got into it. She ran really well and stopped at the aid stations. At the last corner that took us to the finish, she booked it down the hill passing everyone! I had to sprint to keep up with her! She ran hard and finished her first "official" 5k!! She did a great job! I'm really proud of her.
Brianna showing off her FIRST medal! I think she likes it. She's been going around showing everyone what she earned. :)
Me and Brianna! Annabelle was so excited to see all the fun and she can't wait until she's old enough to do the Girls on the Run! 

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