Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week

Well.... I've been running a lot this week and I've been sticking to my training. It's been tough convincing myself to get out and run. Yeah, I really like running and I enjoy the alone time, but honestly I have been having a tough time with the mental part of running. My mind just isn't into it. After mile 2 I'm counting down the steps until it's over. I'm also having a tough time not stopping to walk. It's not like my muscles ache and it's not like it's too hard, it's just that I get this STRONG desire to walk.

I'm going with the thought that if I just get out every day and run then my mind will fall into place with my heart and my running will get easier.

What do you do to get over the mental hurdles that come with running???


Erica said...

I surf around blogs and relize we all catch that funk every now and then and also get all sorts of inspiration from others I want to be like!

Krista said...

Honestly, I have to run with a partner to keep from walking. The only times I will keep going by myself is if I start with someone and then separate a few miles into the run, or if it's a race.

Julia said...

i can definitely relate to this. I had a good few weeks like this and it was really stressing me out. I think for me I just had to start finding new places to run. I read new running books for motivation. I added in more cross training and strength training for a while. Whenever I hit a wall like that mentally it is usually just a sign that I need to mix it up a bit for a while! good luck!